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Faces of Law: Meet Rachel of Nest Estate Planning by L. Rachel Wilson


The South has long been a hotbed for talented lawyers. And when you find yourself in need of legal representation, the options can be overwhelming. Whom do you choose? You need to find someone you trust, someone with integrity and experience. And there’s only so much you can learn from a billboard or a bench. That’s why we’ve singled out a few of the south’s top lawyers and given them a chance to introduce themselves. Take a look and meet your new lawyer.


It's the first question Rachel Wilson of Nest Estate Planning asks after the initial pleasantries. Her passion is helping families, especially families with minor children, create estate plans that will serve them throughout their lives. “With proper planning on the front end,” she says, “you can keep your family out of court if something ever happens to you.” Recognizing the unique needs of younger families, Rachel set out to create a new approach to estate planning, one that is more holistic; looking at all of the aspects of your life and legacy, working on a flat-fee package basis, and providing concierge servicemeeting in her clients’ homes and offices. “There’s more than one kind of wealth,” she says. “Sometimes your stories, wisdom, and experiences are one of your greatest sources of wealth and one that you want to pass on to your children. That’s why we include a ‘Legacy Interview’ at the end of each representation, where we record you talking about who you are, and what you want your children to know, and be, and do, and love. If you’ve ever lost someone and wished you could hear their voice one more time, that’s why we do this. We plan ahead.” In addition, Rachel puts planning in place for minor children’s guardianships and trusts, so that children won’t need to be taken into foster care and won’t receive their inheritance at 18, if something happens to their parents. “There’s a lot more to estate planning than just a will. The first hour of our initial meeting is just education,” she said. “We look at what you have right now, and what would happen if you passed, and then we look at what you would want to happen instead. Then the client makes the choice of what kind of plan they want. I offer three flat-fee packages to choose from, so the client gets to make the decision about what level of planning and price point is best for their family.” •

Appeared in South Magazine • June/July 2019 • The Power Issue

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