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Just call or email to set up an appointment! 


We send you a

pre-meeting package (homework for adults)

Yep. You've got homework.  We'll send you a valuable inventory and assessment resource to help you collect your documents and get your financial house in order - don't worry it's not as hard as it sounds!


First Planning Meeting

We are counseling and education based. This is not a fluff meeting. In this first meeting we'll walk through a process to look at what the current state of affairs are with your financial and estate planning.  If you come in and are happy with the status quo, then it was very nice to meet you, but we don’t go any further – no cost to you. If you decide you do want to make some changes and set things up the way you want it to be, then you’ll choose a flat fee package that is right for your family.

You leave with a sense of peace either knowing that your house is in order, or you leave with a plan to change it to be what you want it to be. 


Signing Meeting

At our second meeting, we'll sign the comprehensive documents we created together- guardianships (temporary and permanent) for your children, trusts, wills, advanced directives (living will), and powers of attorney, letters for your guardians, and then we'll give you detailed instructions (yep, more homework) so you can check that your assets are actually held in the correct way. And we'll check back in with you to make sure any asset transfers were completed.  


Binder and Legacy Interview Meeting

One more thing.  Along with every plan we do, we finish with a Legacy Interview.  We know you want to pass along your wealth, but don't you also want to pass on your values, insights, stories, and experiences? In this third meeting, you'll have an opportunity to make a recording for your family for the future.  You'll tell them what you want them to know, and do, and be, and love.  Maybe you have a family member who has passed and you'd give anything to hear their voice and their wisdom one more time - this is what we're going to do for your family.  And there's no additional charge for this because  at Nest: Estate Planning, we think this is the most important part! 


This isn't goodbye...

Finally, we will send you a copy of everything we have created together, in print and in digital format. And then we can plan to meet again every three years to make sure the plan we made still suits the needs of your family.  Our goal is to create a lasting relationship with your family and serve as your trusted adviser for years to come. 

I'm ready to plan!

Thanks!  We can't wait to talk to you!

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